Water Features

Add Appeal and Tranquility with an Exterior Water Feature

Pond and fountain installation in Butler, Prospect & Cranberry Township, PA

Ponds and other water features are the unsung heroes of any landscape design. They bring a tranquil, calm vibe to any exterior space. Some companies don’t install water features alongside their landscaping services, but Gargiulo does.

You can trust our landscape architect to add a pond, water fountain, waterfall or any other type of water feature to your landscape. The sky’s the limit when it comes to the design and purpose of these features. We can present ideas and examples of our previous work, or we can work with you to create something that’s unique to your landscape. The choice is yours!

Imagine having a beautiful pond in your backyard, or a peaceful water fountain right outside the doors of your business. Any water feature can bring aesthetic appeal and a level of tranquility to any exterior space. Why not install something beautiful on your property?

Gargiulo Landscape is happy to design and install any water feature on your residential or commercial property. Our experienced team will bring your ideas to life in the best way. For ponds, fountains and waterfalls in Prospect, PA, contact us today at (724) 283-4556 for more information.